Here's a Partial List of Our Extensive Line of Products

• Paraffins
• Fully Refined Paraffin
• Natural Waxes
• Soy Wax Blends
• Slack Waxes
• Adhesive Waxes
• Stearic Acids
• USP Petrolatums
• Hot Melt Waxes
• White Oil
• Candle Waxes
• Slabbed Waxes
• Flaked Waxes
• Granulated Waxes
• Bulk Waxes
• Paper Wax Applications
• Microcrystalline Waxes
• Powdered Waxes
• Blending & Compounding

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Product Development: Trust Our Experience

Product development and product improvement is performed with experienced wax technicians and analytical capabilities.

We maintain a quality assurance program that guarantees your waxes and oils are of the highest quality with performance of the foremost importance.

Whatever your needs, we provide state-of-the-art manufacturing, research, and technical assistance to help you best compete in the marketplace.

Quality Assurance Lab

Quality Assurance

All incoming raw materials are checked for conformity and contamination. All finish waxes & blended products are tested for guaranteed quality.

C.J. Robinson Company has the benefit of offering an on-site advanced laboratory with the newest physical testing and DSC & GC equipment.

C.J. Robinson Company offers wax samples for testing, supplied and shipped free of charge.

With our own team of specialists and laboratory on site, we can work closely with you to develop custom products that can help you excel in your marketplace.